‘Chon Cottman

‘Chon Cottman

‘Chon Cottman – Office Assistant

‘Chon is a seasoned Project Manager, with over 19 years of experience. She has successfully coordinated and managed critical projects within the pharmaceutical, clinical research, medical education, hospitality, religious and non-profit sectors.

‘Chon has managed hundreds of projects, several of which were from “soup to nuts”; initiation to closing. She has also joined countless projects in progress, many of which were in trouble and needed a strong hand to bring them back on track. She is described as an “excellent problem solver with strategic and tactical skills and amazing creativity” and known for her bottom-line orientation, high quality and on-time delivery in challenging situations.

Despite a successful track record, ‘Chon continuously seeks ways to enhance her skills.  She is currently pursuing her certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute and her B.S. in Project Management, Marketing and Public Relations.

‘Chon attributes her tremendous levels of motivation and determination to being the best possible example for her daughter, who everyone lovingly calls Queenie.

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