Planning for Greatness

Planning for Greatness

Dear Fellow Members and Friends,

When the Board of Trustees (BoT) and Executive Team (ET) met for a retreat last August, we allowed ourselves to have big dreams about UUCC’s future. We thought about how we would like things to be in five and 10 years. What size our membership would be, how our programming would evolve and how we would be effecting justice in the world.

That was the beginning of a strategic planning effort that is still in progress. Strategic planning is good work. It focuses attention on challenges and aspirations. It documents priorities and unifies visions. It helps get all the sled dogs pulling in the same direction.

In December, we asked Jennie Fitzpatrick to facilitate our strategic planning effort, and we were very pleased when she accepted. She helped us realize that we probably needed a strategic plan for the BoT/ET before we could tackle one for the whole congregation. After thinking it over, we agreed that a small group of members, even an elected board and executives, couldn’t adequately speak for the entire congregation regarding such an endeavor. We did, however, feel capable of achieving a strategic plan for ourselves.

We have already done some important, amazing work, and we hope that once the BoT/ET has worked through its own plan, we can begin a congregation-wide strategic plan.

Our BoT/ET strategic plan will be published before July 1. It will contain specific objectives for the near-term that we think many members will find refreshing. It will also address some of our most pressing issues (communications, finances, and community-building, among others).

Our congregation has achieved amazing things over the past 50 years. We have the resources – human, financial, spiritual – to continue our greatness. Now it’s time to plan for it.

In Faith,
UUCC Board of Trustees

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  1. Pat Heidel

    Has the Board considered doing a survey ? The survey should distinguish between people who have never given and people who gave last year, but not this year? The responses would be anonymous. Don’t know if the response would be high enough but worth a try, in my opinion.

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