Plant-Rich Diet Climate Tip!

Plant-Rich Diet Climate Tip!

Did you know that eating a more plant-rich diet is the most effective change an individual can make to help minimize climate change?

Research (as reported in The Lancet) has concluded that eating more plants would help:

  • Reduce the impacts of climate change. Researchers found that food production is responsible for up to 30 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions, with animal products accounting for the vast majority—about three-quarters—of these effects. The report states that projections for the future show that “vegan and vegetarian diets were associated with the greatest reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions.”
  • Save water. Agriculture accounts for about 70% of freshwater use, making it “the world’s largest water-consuming sector.” Meat and dairy products lead the way in guzzling up large quantities of water. Producing just a pound of beef requires 1,800 gallons of water.
  • Alleviate hunger. The report found that more than 820 million people around the world lack sufficient food. It also noted that “almost two thirds of all soybeans, maize, barley, and about a third of all grains are used as feed for animals.”

What you eat does matter!

Wondering where to start? Why not try one of the recipes in the UUCC Meatless Monday Cookbook on our Plant-Rich Diet page at Or cook along with our vegetarian chefs at UUCC’s ZOOM Vegetarian Cooking Shows. Delicious and healthy, for you AND the planet.


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