Please Help Refugee Family Coming To Columbia

Please Help Refugee Family Coming To Columbia

You have an opportunity to help an immigrant family at our southern border who will be staying with a Columbia couple by making a generous contribution to our Refugee Family Fund.

We are all aware of the devastating stories at our southern border about immigrants escaping violence and poverty to seek a safer home to raise their children and contribute to the vibrancy of America. As a Sanctuary Support congregation, we have pledged our time, our vigor and our financial and material assistance to aid those in need because of our country’s inhumane immigration practices. Recently you have supported Rosa Gutierrez Lopez who resides in sanctuary at the Cedar Lane UU Church. Your contributions of $900.00 is greatly appreciated.

Now, we have an opportunity to assist an undocumented immigrant from Central America. Julissa is a 27-year-old single mom who, with her 6-year-old son Nestor, fled from her home in Honduras in October 2018. She was a victim of violence in Honduras and again in Mexico. She considered staying in Mexico, but it is not safe for her there. Julissa and Nestor are temporarily living in a Jesuit shelter in Nogales, Mexico, near the Mexican-U.S. border. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will only allow her to leave ICE detention if she has a sponsor, someone who agrees to be responsible for her financially. Columbia residents Roz and David Zinner, working with Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) which coordinates with the shelter on the border, have agreed to be Julissa’s and Nestor’s sponsor.  They will stay with the Zinners for at least 5 months.

Donations will help pay for airfare, food, clothing, and toys. Columbia Jewish Congregation will be seeking help finding pro bono medical care and legal services, arranging rides to medical appointments and ICE appointments, and shopping for food and clothing. Immediate needs are for boy’s size 5 warm clothing and a twin bed for Nestor (winter coat, etc.). Please contact Roz and David before bringing any items ( and

You can help by making a generous contribution to our Refugee Family Fund.

To help Julissa and Nestor, you may make an online donation on our website and select Give Online.

You will see a dialog box:

Enter the amount (Note, at the end, you will be asked to add $3.00 to cover credit card processing fees.)

Please select “REFUGEE FAMILY” from the drop-down list

Enter your email address

Click the Give button.

You will see another screen asking you to complete the credit card or bank account information

(Steps may differ slightly if you have given online previously.)

Thank you for your generosity and your commitment to human rights.

For more information about UUCC immigration and sanctuary programs, contact Jim Caldiero or  Tammy Spengler at and to learn about our state advocacy efforts in Annapolis, contact us at


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