Pledge Drive Update (April 7, 2023)

Pledge Drive Update (April 7, 2023)

After breaking through the $400,000 mark in pledges last week, this week we’ve broken through the $450,000 mark and have raised $453,627, putting us 62% of the way to our dollar goal. Yay!

We are also happy to report that we’ve finally reached the 100 mark for pledges made, with 105 pledges made toward our goal of 283 total pledges.

However there is progress still to be made on our participation goal. As we mentioned last week, participation is the top priority of our pledge campaign — to engage all UUCCers around our shared investment in the community we’re building together. Will you help us make progress on our participation goal? Will you reach out to someone you know to tell them what it means to you to invest in UUCC?

If you have yet to pledge, we invite you to learn more about this year’s pledge drive, and when you’re ready, to make your pledge.

Pledge Team members will continue to reach out by phone and/or e-mail to check-in, see how you’re doing this spring, remind you it’s pledge drive season, and answer questions you might have about pledging this year.

Thank you for investing in our collective future at UUCC!

New to pledging and have questions? Have questions about pledging this year?

The Pledge Team is available to answer any questions you might have; just send us an email at It may also be helpful to check out FAQs about pledging (scroll to the bottom of the page).


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