Pledge Drive Update — with details this time!

Pledge Drive Update — with details this time!

Since UUCC’s pledge drive started on February 27, UUCC members & friends have made 174 pledges. Together, you have pledged $543,573 to support the work of the congregation in the 2022-2023 fiscal year.

Keep reading for more details about the pledge drive.

UUCC member Lisa Marini shared a Generosity Minute during worship on Sunday, April 17, 2022

What does our current pledge status mean for next year’s budget?

Taking into consideration other projected income, we need to reach $679,000 in pledges to maintain our current staffing and programming levels. At this point, we are still $135,427 short in pledges.

Where do we go from here?

There are 107 households who pledged last year who have not yet made a pledge this year. If those 107 households pledge the exact same amount again, that would be $202,015 in pledges! That would be enough to cover the difference in what we need to balance our maintenance budget, plus a bit of wiggle room to support our ministry areas, like purchasing new choir music and hiring a Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry.

Anything interesting about this year’s pledges?

Of the 174 pledges we’ve received so far, 36 are from households who decreased their pledge from their previous pledge. 57 pledges stayed exactly the same, and 61 households chose to increase their pledges. We are grateful to everyone who is doing what they can to support this community that we are building together.

How do we look compared to last year?

At the end of April 2021 during last year’s budget drive, we had reached $640,000 in pledges. The math is simple on this one — we are $100,000 behind last year’s pledge pace, and we have a smaller Connection Calls Team this year.

What are those Connection Calls? And how can I help this week?

Connection Calls are simple and not scary at all! They’re a chance to check-in with UUCC friends and members who we’ve missed seeing in our two years of pandemic separation.

While we hope that every UUCC member or friend makes a pledge to support next year’s budget, we know that these calls are about so much more than that. For many of us, UUCC means something to us because of the relationships and community we’ve found here. When you help out with Connection Calls (or emails or texts), you build relationships and push this community toward becoming more intentional, welcoming, and inclusive.

If you’re ready to join the Connection Calls Team, send Sara Davidson a note at to get started.

Please reach out to the Pledge Team with questions anytime at!


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