Pledge Parties 2023

Pledge Parties 2023

All in our UUCC community are invited to join us at one of our pledge parties that will happen between March 6 and April 1.

A pledge party is a gathering at a member’s home where you can meet others from UUCC, socialize, eat some tasty food, learn more about how pledging works, and if you’re ready, make your pledge for the upcoming fiscal year, which runs from July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2024.

this year’s pledge party options

🍰 Mon, March 6, 6:30 pm — Jill Christianson + Pamela Henry

Join UUCC members Jill Christianson + Pamela Henry for a Zoom pledge party on Zoom from the comfort of your own home. Jill and Pamela will provide dessert; plan to pick it up at UUCC on Sunday, March 5!

Where: on Zoom (
👦 Kid friendly!

🍨 Sat, March 11, 1pm — Jenny Afkinich + Kevin Daniels

Join UUCC members Jenny and Kevin at their home for an ice cream sundae themed pledge party. Plan to arrive ready to decorate your sundae with all kinds of sweet and colorful toppings!

Where: 6878 Happyheart Lane, Columbia, MD
👦 Kid friendly! | 🌱 Vegan + vegetarian options available

🥧 Sun, March 12, 2pm — Valerie + Ted Nolan

Join UUCC members Valerie + Ted Nolan at their home for a pie themed pledge party!

Where: 206 Glenmore Ave, Catonsville, MD
🌱 Vegan + vegetarian options available

☕ Sun, March 19, 4pm — Jim Johnston + Dori Schatell

Join UUCC members Jim Johnston + Dori Schatell at their home for a tea party themed pledge party, with appetizers and small desserts available.

Where: 409 S Rolling Road, Catonsville MD

🍲 Sun, March 19, 5pm — Colette + Lee Gelwicks

Join UUCC members Colette + Lee Gelwicks at their home for a meal inspired by Mexican flavors, with black bean soup and snacks provided.

Where: 232 Arcadia Shores Cir, Odenton MD
👦 Kid friendly!  | 🌱 Vegan + vegetarian options available

🥯 Sat, April 1, 10:30am — Lindsay Thompson + Kevin Mercer

Join UUCC members Lindsay Thompson + Kevin Mercer at their home for a brunch themed pledge party!

Where: 9 N Beaumont Avenue, Catonsville, MD
👦 Kid friendly!  | 🌱 Vegetarian options available