Pledging 2020-2021

Pledging 2020-2021

Investing in our Incubator for Good

Through worship and fellowship, social action and music, environmental stewardship and religious education, we nurture the good in each of us and all of us, within our walls and beyond them. The people of UUCC are incubators of good by shining a light, sparking a fire, tending a wound, or saying a prayer for ourselves and others.

Our investments in time and money allow us to:

  • gather for soul-soothing and soul-stirring worship on Sunday mornings
  • provide our children and adults with spiritual learning and development
  • open our doors to people seeking belonging through our social groups
  • foster good works in our Owen Brown community and to make justice everywhere

Pledging is part of the covenant of membership, and it helps us make responsible and responsive financial decisions as a congregation. We also warmly welcome friends in our spiritual community who are not formal members but nevertheless support our congregation’s work to pledge and contribute to this stewardship campaign.

Our Goal

We need about $811,000 this fiscal year in pledges from our members and friends to enact our vision of UUCC as a community of people who matter to each other and the world and that is irresistible in its vitality and meaningful work.

Determine Your Pledge

  1. Remember what first called you to visit us and what keeps you coming back however often you do so. Maybe you came seeking friendship and fellowship. Maybe you came for comfort during a challenging time. Maybe you came to raise your children in a community of shared values, or to express yourself musically, or to join in social action and work for justice. Only our combined financial contributions provide the physical space and professional staff that makes this possible.
  2. Review our budget documents and goals for the 2020-2021 year. We aim to raise $811,000 in pledges – an increase of 5% over last year – to continue the work of incubating good by increasing funding for our congregational vision areas and provide our staff with cost-of-living increases. If we are able to raise more than that – a pledge increase between 5% and 10% – we aim to fund our congregational vision areas more robustly.
  3. Consider the contribution you want to make this year. The Fair Share Giving Guide suggests a pledge based on each household’s unique financial situation and the level of engagement in the life of our congregation. If you are already making a Fair Share pledge, consider increasing your percentage from the Supporter or Sustainer levels to become a Visionary or Transformer.
  4. Pledge confidentially using the form below.

Parties & Prizes

Let’s have fun together in our annual stewardship campaign! Let’s celebrate what we love about UUCC and what we look forward to in the coming year at our pledge parties. Even if you pledge online you are welcome to attend a pledge party to hear more about the proposed budget, the goals for next year, and the latest things going on with your fellow UUCCers.

  Sign-up to attend a pledge party  

There are also prizes!  Our raffle rewards early participation in the pledge drive. All congregation members and friends (except the pledge drive leaders) who submit pledges by noon on Monday, March 30, 2020 are eligible to earn one or more virtual tickets for the raffle. 

Each of these actions earns a virtual raffle ticket:

  1. Pledge by noon on Friday, March 27, 2020.
  2. Pledge online.
  3. Pledge as a Fair Share Donor and self-identify as such on the pledge form. (Contact Lisa Schlossnagle with questions.)
  4. Pledge for the first time.
  5. Pledge an amount that jumps up to the next decile. (Contact Jim Reiser with questions.)

Here are the prizes!

  1. UUCC apparel and/or accessories (one pledge unit wins)
  2. $10 UUCC Bookstore gift card and cobalt blue chalice (one pledge unit wins)
  3. Original art by UUCC member Kathy Tillman (one pledge unit wins)
  4. $100 gift certificate to Ananda restaurant (one pledge unit wins)
  5. Dinner with Paige and Graham Getty at the Schlossnagle home (two pledge units win)

Thank you for making your pledge for the 2020-21 fiscal year. We gratefully welcome your investment in UUCC as an incubator for good.


If you have questions while completing this form, please check our FAQs or contact the Stewardship Team at

Please make your confidential pledge here:

(Note: if you want to make a pledge for the current fiscal year that ends June 30, 2020,
please click here.)

Thank you for your continued support of UUCC and the presence of Liberal Religion in Howard County, in Maryland, and in the US. icon-fire