Pledge Now for 2021-2022

Pledge Now for 2021-2022

Investing in UUCC as an Incubator for Good

UUCC is a powerful incubator for good. Others in Howard County have observed that “UUCC people are everywhere.” That’s because we invariably show up—often as leaders—when it’s time to lift spirits, help others in need, defend democracy, advance justice, dismantle racism and other oppressions, protect public health and the environment. Wherever we are called to “side with love,” UUCC responds, typically in collaboration with like-minded people, to help build a diverse, multicultural Beloved Community.

We come to you in the spirit of gratitude and appreciation for the time, talent, spiritual engagement, and financial support that UUCC members and friends have devoted to UUCC and each other over the last year of extraordinary challenges. The need for healing, stronger human connections, and mutual support makes UUCC’s mission all the more vital.

How do we do this? Through worship and fellowship, social action and music, environmental stewardship and religious education, we build connections and nurture the good in each of us and all of us, within our walls and beyond them. The people of UUCC are incubators of good by shining a light, sparking a fire, tending a wound, or saying a prayer for ourselves and others.

UUCC’s Five “Incubators for Good”

  • Identity & Belonging: “Members of all ages have a sense of belonging—they value UUCC and their Unitarian Universalist identity as top priorities and key connections in their lives.” These investments support member integration, religious education, youth ministry, and young adult ministry.
  • Worship: “We offer vibrant worship that is consistently moving, relevant, meaningful.” These investments include support for UUCC’s music ministry.
  • Finding One’s Place: “There is a place at UUCC for anyone who is seeking one.” These investments support pastoral care, reflection groups, communications, choirs, and concerts.
  • Justice-making: “UUCC is a justice-making leader in Columbia and Howard County.” These investments support UUCC’s work on immigration, climate crisis, food insecurity, and Black Lives Matter/racial justice.
  • Owen Brown: “UUCC is a gathering place and centerpiece of the Owen Brown community, sharing a mutual trust with community leaders.” These investments help UUCC to support the Owen Brown Interfaith Center (OBIC).

Our investments in time and money allow us to:

  • Gather for soul-soothing and soul-stirring worship on Sunday mornings;
  • Provide our children and adults with spiritual learning and development;
  • Open our doors to people seeking belonging through our social groups; and,
  • Foster good works in our Owen Brown community and to promote justice everywhere.

As shown below, 66% of the UUCC 2020-21 budget is directed toward investing in the five incubators. These percentages include both direct program funding, the relative focus of paid staff time, and (during non-pandemic times) the proportional use of OBIC space.

Our Goal for the 2021-22 Annual Budget Drive

Your financial contributions empower the UUCC “incubator.” UUCC derives more than 75% of its income from the pledges paid by Members and Friends, making possible everything that we do. To rise to the challenges of the coming year, we need $770,000 in pledges from UUCC’s Members and Friends.

Pledging is part of the covenant of UUCC membership. While we take on the obligations of UUCC membership freely, it’s not “free.” Our bylaws stipulate that pledging is an obligation of membership, thus encouraging each member to take ownership for UUCC’s well-being. Moreover, your monetary pledges help us make informed and forward-looking financial decisions as a congregation. We also warmly welcome friends in our spiritual community who are not formal members. We encourage and very much appreciate their pledges as a tangible expression of their support for our congregation’s work. In these volatile and uncertain times, we need each other and your support for a vibrant UUCC now, more than ever.

Thank you! We are grateful for your pledges and invite you to be generous in making, renewing, or increasing your pledge for fiscal year 2021-22 (which begins July 1, 2021).

In community,

Jim Reiser & Lisa Schlossnagle
(Pledge Drive Co-Chairs)

Questions? Please email Jim & Lisa: