Pledge budget documents and goals

Pledge budget documents and goals

Budget Documents and Goals

Our Financial Vision

At the 2019 Annual Meeting the congregation approved a change in our budgeting process to create a more transparent and democratic way of using our generous contributions to further our vision making UUCC an incubator for good. Many of you participated in the Spirit Map survey a process through which eight end statements were developed. These end statements are weighted based on our responses to the survey questions.

Click here to see the Spirit Map Evaluation of Ends Statements

Using the Spirit Map end statements and reviewing other visioning exercises we’ve conducted over the years, the Executive Team developed narratives for five programmatic areas that could act as incubators for our vision of UUCC centered on the themes of  Worship, Identity and Belonging, Finding One’s Place, Justice Making, and The Owen Brown Community. 

Click here to see more detailed descriptions of the five Incubators

Each of these five incubators is supported by staff and the commitment of stakeholders. This concept has a profound effect on how we can view how our pledge money is being spent in support of UUCC’s visions. With this approach we can now directly see how money spent to pay for staff and physical space at OBIC aligns with our goals.

In this structure, staff time and use of the building are now proportionally allocated across the “incubators”. Program funds in the current budget are allocated based on what we have been spending through the former line-item budget. These incubators now cover all our expenses except for service on debt, operating expenses not dedicated to the ends, and our UUA Assessment.

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Our goal is to robustly seed each of our incubators with enough funds to pursue diverse initiatives and further our liberal faith both within our congregation and out in the world.

Broad Draft of proposed budget

We have a rare opportunity in the coming fiscal year to rapidly boost program funds available to each of the five incubators. This fiscal year we will finish paying off our win-win notes from the building fund, substantially reducing our debt service. This means that in reaching our campaign goal, much more of our increased pledges will flow directly into supporting our vision of UUCC as an incubator for good. Please pledge generously!

(if you want to make a pledge for the current fiscal year that ends June 30, 2020,
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Thank you for your continued support of UUCC and the presence of Liberal Religion in Howard County, in Maryland, and in the US. icon-fire