Prayer for Our Work Together

Prayer for Our Work Together

This past Monday, around 50 UUCC members gathered with interfaith partners for a PATH assembly to promote our efforts to cultivate the best Howard County possible – in particular, a county with greater equity in our public schools and a stronger, safer environment for undocumented immigrants. At the assembly, we heard moving stories from students and faith leaders and community members, including a beautiful and passionate statement about our schools from UUCC member Jenny Bonilla.

My role, in part, was to open the program with prayer, the text of which I’ve shared below, because it is also a prayer for you . . . for the work we do together in our community, in our congregation, in our families, and in ourselves.


PATH—People Acting Together in Howard
Fall Assembly – Monday, November 4, 2019
Opening Prayer, by the Rev. Paige Getty

I invite you to turn to the divine of your own understanding.

First, let us draw ourselves fully into this beautiful, powerful gathering of neighbors and friends and leaders. Let’s take a breath together . . . a deep and holy breath.

Holy presence – one whom each of us knows in their own way, and whose presence we know among us here – thank you for calling us to be a people of justice, a people of love, a people of courage.

We are gathered tonight in faith – knowing that together we have the power to act more effectively in service of the commonwealth and the public good.

In that endeavor, may we open ourselves to deeper understanding . . . understanding of one another, understanding of our own biases, understanding of those who are most marginalized in our communities.

May we be open-hearted and open-minded, following the guides of generosity and kindness and justice, tending to our own self-interests without falling into the trap of self-centeredness.

May we act with integrity and compassion and courage.

May we be fierce in our commitment to the well-being of all who live in our county, remembering that all children are our children.

Again, let us again take a deep breath together and share a moment of quiet and stillness in which each of us may be called to be our best, most faithful self.

And now, in the name of all that is holy . . . Amen.


  1. Elaine Pardoe

    Paige, two phrases that capture essence so well: “the divine of your own understanding” and “holy presence.” They certainly give “ecumenical” a new and fuller context.

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