Praying for Maryland

Praying for Maryland

A couple weeks ago I spent about an hour in the Maryland Senate Chamber, seated on the platform next to President Mike Miller, fascinated by all the activity of the session. I was there as a guest, because Senator Guy Guzzone had submitted my name to the pool of clergy who are invited to offer an invocation to open each day’s Senate session.

I know that the invocation is a formality, and yet it still felt like a weighty privilege. You, UUCC, were there with me that day, and I wanted to honor you and our beloved Unitarian Universalism with my words – contributing even a small voice to reinforce the values that I hope guide all our leaders’ decision-making.

Thank you for – whether you know you’re doing it or not – holding me accountable in all  things ministerial. Below I’ve pasted the invocation for you to read.

Prayerfully and publicly yours,

As we gather to do the work of the people, the work to which many among us were elected and called, let us first pause.

And breathe.

And listen.

And truly hear.

May each of us hear a divine voice – a voice expressed through the still small voice within, and also through the collective voice of the people.

A voice expressed through the lives of those who live on the margins, seeking equity in their lives.

A voice expressed through the suffering of the oppressed, seeking justice for themselves and their children.

A voice expressed through the mess of growth and change, willing forth new possibilities, new visions, new life.

And as we hear that voice, may it guide each decision we make, that our choices will be guided by our highest values – values of courage, love, compassion, truth, and justice.

And may Maryland be ever-better for the work that we – each of us, and all of us together – do here.

In the name of all that is holy, Amen.


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