PreK Take It Home for Oct 14

PreK Take It Home for Oct 14

Dear Parents,

One of our primary goals with the PreK class is to help your children feel welcome and loved at UUCC. This past weekend, we took them on a tour of the inside of the building, and introduced them to our RE Offices and lots of Sunday volunteers, including folks who provided coffee hour, bookstore volunteers, greeters, ushers, food insecurity team members (they also helped refill the Little Free Pantry outside!) and the grocery card folks.

They asked great questions from all the friends we met, and were engaged and happy to go on the walk. I hope you will all continue to help your children meet and interact with the many volunteers that help Sunday morning run, and consider volunteering yourself, with your child, for something like ushering. I’ve seen PreK children helping pass out orders of service already, and it’s always nice to be greeted by four-year-olds!

Peace shall walk softly through these rooms . . . — “May Nothing Evil Cross This Door,” Hymn 1 in Singing the Living Tradition

IN TODAY’S SESSION . . . the theme was that UUCC is a special place, and it is our “congregational home.” We took a tour of the inside of the congregation.

EXPLORE THE TOPIC TOGETHER . . . Invite your child to show you the tour we took around the inside of the building.

EXTEND THE TOPIC TOGETHER. Try . . . comparing the congregation’s building to your own home. How is it different, and how is it the same?

A Family Adventure. Take a tour together of a local place of worship.

A Family Discovery. Check out a picture book of sacred places, such as Sacred Places of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Most Peaceful and Powerful Destinations by National Geographic (2008) or Sacred Earth by Martin Gray (2011). Visit the Sacred Sites website and pore over the beautiful pictures together. Listen to “May Nothing Evil Cross This Door” accompanied by images of UUs, on YouTube.


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