Lifespan Religious Education

Lifespan Religious Education

UUCC offers and encourages religious education, faith development, and truth-seeking (“growth”) for people of all ages.

Our Lifespan Religious Education Ministry brings young people and adults together as seekers and teaches all to explore and expand understandings of self, others, and our connectedness to all of life. Within a safe and nurturing community, we affirm the value of each individual while encouraging a shared sense of responsibility to the community.

Our classes encourage learners’ questions of belief where no one answer is implied; while affirming the life-giving values of Unitarian Universalism; respect for all people and multiple perspectives, kindness in human relationship, and working toward a more peaceful, just world for all. The lessons and stories we share evoke the wisdom of many sources, including contemporary writings, the world’s religions and our life experiences.


Children begin each Sunday in worship with their family for the first fifteen minutes, then leave for class. Children also attend a multigenerational congregational worship several times per year. Once a month, children gather for a child-friendly worship service in our children’s chapel.

RE Classes


Adolescence is when many people begin to question and sometimes challenge their elders’ beliefs, while articulating and affirming their own spirituality and ethics. As Unitarian Universalists, we believe that this questioning and creative time is a sacred one that deserves our best attention, support, and celebration.

We provide young people with a place to share their true selves with peers who value their uniqueness and accept them as they are.

Our middle and high school groups meet, generally, on Sunday afternoon and evenings. However, each class and group has an individual calendar that has its own schedule. Contact your youth’s teacher to receive a calendar.

RE Classes


UUCC’s Adult Religious Education classes bring people together as seekers and teachers in a community of learning, and provide small groups which foster individual growth and build our social community.

We view learning as an active, participatory process: we encourage you to bring your whole self to these gatherings; your questions, your reverence, your irreverence, your creative self-expression, your humor, and your ability to deeply listen to the perspectives of others. Be prepared for creative interaction and lively discussion.

We strive to create courses which are relevant to the issues in our world, connected to Unitarian Universalist principles and values, and which will gently stretch each participant toward spiritual, moral, ethical, and religious growth.

Adult RE Classes

Religious Education Volunteers

The Religious Education (RE) Ministry is a cooperative program of the entire congregation.  There are many ways to be involved at all levels of the program and all levels of time and commitment!

Many of our adult members, and all parents, take volunteer roles in our program for children and youth at some time.  We find the practice of teaching, in and of itself, to be a valued experience of spiritual, intellectual and social growth in our community.  Teaching Religious Education is a path to learning and to deepening not only one’s own religious understanding, but to establishing relationships in our congregational community across ages, generations and social groups.