We invite you to participate in any or all of the “Stepping Stones to Membership” listed below to learn more about UUCC and help you decide if membership is right for you.

To discuss membership in the congregation or for questions about UUCC, please contact Rev. Paige Getty.

Stepping Stones to Membership

Get Connected Class

This one hour class is open for those exploring Unitarian Universalism and the UU Congregation of Columbia. We will offer an overview of the history and basic tenets of UUism and a discussion of activities and programs at UUCC. The class also offers an opportunity to meet others who are exploring the choice of UUCC as their spiritual home.  We meet monthly (excepting July and August) on the third Sunday, after the second service, in Room 150. For any questions, please contact the Membership Committee.

1-Hour Membership Session with Rev. Paige Getty

Do you feel like you are ready to deepen your relationship with UUCC and are considering taking the formal step of becoming a member? Have you attended the “Get Connected” class or any portions of the class in the past year or two? Or maybe you have been a Friend of the congregation for a while and are considering taking the final step to membership? In this session, Paige will discuss the privileges and responsibilities of being a member of UUCC. After your talk, the membership book will be available to sign if you are ready. These one-hour sessions are held several times a year after the second worship service. Children are welcome. Please join us for one of the next scheduled session:

  • Sunday, May 3, 2020, at 12:30 pm

Becoming a Member

The actual act of becoming a member consists of signing the membership book in the presence of a minister or a member of our board. Signing the book allows you to make an explicit commitment to participate as a member of our religious community, uphold UUCC’s mission, and share your talents, your resources and your energy with others in a life-long spiritual quest founded in Unitarian Universalist religious values. Members are entitled to vote in congregational meetings, and are expected to make an annual financial pledge. We encourage attendance at a Get Connected session and the 1-Hour Membership Session before signing the membership book. When you’re ready to make this formal commitment, contact Rev. Paige Getty, Minister.

New Member Recognition Ceremony

Once or twice a year, we invite our new members to take part in our New Member Recognition Ceremony. Held during a regular worship service, this brief ceremony is an opportunity for all UUCC members to publicly welcome those who signed the membership book in the months leading up to the ceremony. A light reception is also offered following the worship service so that new members can meet each other. While this is not a required step to membership, we offer this as a thank you and welcome for all recent new members.

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