Karuna Caregivers

Karuna Caregivers

Karuna = compassion
open hearts, caring listening, helping hands

At UUCC, pastoral care is provided by ordained clergy and by volunteer laity. Members of the congregation may call on one of the ministers for pastoral counseling in times of crisis, discernment, grief, or whenever the perspective of a professional minister would be helpful. Karuna Caregivers are a lay team of trained pastoral caregivers who are available as listeners in times of transition, sorrow, illness, grief, celebration, or joy.

For needs or to volunteer, email us at Karuna@uucolumbia.net
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Some Lay-Led Karuna Services

  • Check-ins
  • Visits
  • Compassionate listening
  • Information resources
  • Meal trains (limited duration)
  • Rides (UUCC events, appointments)
  • Memorial service receptions

2024 Karuna Caregivers

  • Becky Reese
  • Linda Nedzbala
  • Candy Wachterman
  • Carol Benjamin
  • Tom Benjamin
  • Karla Pearce
  • Betsy Osterman
  • Amy Forno
  • Chris-Ellyn Johanson
  • Elizabeth vonSchlag
  • Bernie Rock
  • Phyllis Yigdall
  • Suzi Gerb
  • Jenny Afkinich
  • Anne-Margaret Olsson