Small Groups

Small Groups

What are small groups? 

Small groups are pockets of UUCC community within the UUCC community. Sometimes, small groups are based around a topic of study — like a book group or discussion group. Small groups may be focused on an activity — like the Creativity Circle of crafters or the hiking group. Other small groups could be based around identity (BIPOC support group, LGBTQ support group), a stage of life (Seasoned Souls, young adults, parents of young children), or geography (Vantage Point residents, Owen Brown residents, Baltimore City residents).

Small groups gather on their own schedule, in their own way. Some have more formal structures of leadership, while others might have a point person who coordinates schedules. Small groups can meet at the Owen Brown Interfaith Center, virtually, or anywhere else in the world.

Why do small groups matter?

After two years of pandemic separation and in our new multiplatform world (some things in person, some things virtual), it’s often difficult to get connected. We know that community isn’t something that happens — it is intentionally created. When we say that we want UUCC to be a welcoming community, we know it is something we have to build through relationships… and small groups are a great place for those relationships to begin. We want to build a community of communities!

Want to start a new group at UUCC?

Go for it!

If you have an idea for a small group at UUCC, let us know, and we’ll do our best to help you get connected to other congregants who may share your interest.

To get started, complete the form below. Staff member Sara Davidson will then be in touch to connect on how we can support and promote getting your group going! Support will be available as needed in the form of brainstorming, recruiting members for your group, and developing a communication plan to spread the word.

We look forward to working together create more avenues for connection at UUCC!

Create a Group

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