Group Relations Workshop Enabling Action Groups

Group Relations Workshop Enabling Action Groups

On May 21 & 22 of 2022, UUCC hosted a virtual Appreciative Inquiry (AI) based Group Relations Workshop, facilitated by Brian Bloch and Will Tansey. Over 120 members of our UUCC community were in attendance, and we continue to extend a big thank you to those that participated; thank you for sharing of your time and demonstrating your sincere commitment to the future of our shared spiritual community!

During the workshop, the AI process encouraged participants to focus on past positive experiences and successes at UUCC, and to then come together in groups to envision and draft “possibility statements” that could help lead us to a dynamic future for UUCC. Attendees then created Enabling Action Groups to begin to discuss how to implement those possibility statements — to bring them into reality.

Below, you can check out the nine Enabling Action Groups that are taking form, and contact them to find out how you can get involved. In September 2022, we plan to host an interactive session where you can learn more about each of the groups. Stay tuned for more information!

Thank you, UUCC, for your commitment to our future at UUCC!

Enabling Groups

Covenant of Right Relations

Vision, Mission & Covenant
Lindsay Thompson:

Increasing Diversity in UUCC
Barbara Wright Scott:

Conflict Management Framework

Monthly Joyful Gatherings
Robin Slaw:

Building a Community of Culturally Competent Communicators
Laurie Coltri:

How to Invite People In and Recognize Their Abilities (title changing soon!)
Hannah Nelson: 

Improved Congregational Engagement in UUCC Governance
Becky Reese:

Communications & Social Media
Sara Davidson: