Punk Rock Saves Lives

Punk Rock Saves Lives

Wait. What? Is that Rob’s photo on Hank’s Facebook timeline?

But I went to high school—and to church, too—with Rob. In Savannah, Georgia. In the late 1980s.

And I know Hank because he’s a UU minister. We met during divinity school in Massachusetts in the late 1990s.

And Hank still lives in New England. Rob does not.

It felt like my worlds were colliding. How do they know each other? What could be their connection?

Punk. They’re both lovers of music, and more specifically, punk rock. They are themselves musicians and fans and all-around devotees of punk.

Punk has never been my scene. Not only that, but there were plenty of years when I uncritically accepted the negative attitude of those around me—that punk was bad, negative, perhaps even dangerous, harmful. And definitely to be avoided. I remember feeling bewildered when the band Pussy Riot was in the news several years ago, supported by human rights groups around the world. (Punk, doing “good”? Huh.)

And yet, here it is—a thread that connects two people who are also connected to me and whose public lives radiate generosity and care, a sincere love for humankind.

PUNK: Positivity. Unity. Nurture. Kindness.

Rob’s photo was on Hank’s timeline because Hank was promoting Rob’s non-profit organization and asking for donations—Punk Rock Saves Lives.

I’d long ago abandoned those lazy, negative stereotypes about punk. But I still don’t know much about it. There’s always more to learn. Perhaps I should even listen.

Thank you, Rob and Hank and PUNK … for helping to keep my mind open and curious.



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