Quaker Dinner & Drive-time Tips

Quaker Dinner & Drive-time Tips

Hello Middle School Parents,

New field trips are posted on your World Religions Field Trip signup genius page. As always, if you lose this link, you can find it on the middle school Religious Education (RE) page on our website. Visits are scheduled to Sandy Spring Quaker Meeting on January 26, and St. John Baptist on February 16.

On Sunday, your middle schoolers start looking at the Quaker religion, plus a visit from one of our local pagans to lead a ritual that he wasn’t able to do during the Turning Circle talk. Here is some information for you:

Before Sunday: 

  • Watch the below video with your youth and share your reactions. What did you learn? What surprised you about Quaker religion? What moved you most about the stories shared?


  • In our worship time this week, we will introduce the Quaker practice of using silence to better hear what the Quakers call “the inner light,” also called the “inner teacher” and “still small voice within.” The youth will be invited to share a time when being still or silent enabled them to figure out something they were struggling with or helped them hear their own inner voice or intuition. Consider engaging your youth in a discussion about the role of silence and stillness in your life, sharing how it has helped you with critical decisions in your life or helped you better hear the voice of your deepest self.

For You:

Spend some time with the below resources to  enrich and expand your own understanding of the Quakers:

See you on Sunday!



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