Quest Class Sunday: Wreath Calls!

Quest Class Sunday: Wreath Calls!

Hello Quest families!

Our advisor KP McLaughlin has spoken lovingly of the time, not that many years ago, when the Quest class would call congregants up on the phone and offer to take their wreath orders. Considering that this weekend is our last weekend of in-person sales, but that we will accept online sales for another week, we have decided to do a little old-fashioned phone outreach this Sunday night. We’ll mainly concentrate on those who ordered wreaths last year and haven’t yet placed an order this year. Please make sure your youth shows up with a charged phone! We will only give 20-30 minutes of class time to this, but we do want to make the extra effort to try to bring the wreath sales up to at least last year’s levels.

Please also mark your calendars for next Sunday, October 22. The Quest class helps to host the annual Halloween Party, and since we have a pretty small class this year we’d love to invite the parents AND students to come in and help out with some crafts and games for the smallest members of our UUCC family. Please let know Jen if you can make it or not!

Thank you so much for all your support!


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