PreSchool – Ages 3-4

PreSchool – Ages 3-4


Celebrating Me and My World – 9 am ONLY

PreSchool – Ages 3-4

A Tapestry of Faith Program for Children in Preschool

Each session of Celebrating Me and My World is built around a specific theme. Throughout the year the themes progress from the focus on self, to family, community, and the world. Each session includes Circle Time, Story Time, Activity Time and Physical/Free Time, to accommodate the developmental needs of this age range.

* Age by September is the preferred placement for children.  Please speak to the Director of Religious Education for any exceptions.


PreK Class Updates

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The Religious Education (RE) Ministry is a cooperative program of the entire congregation.  There are many ways to be involved at all levels of the program and all levels of time and commitment!

Many of our adult members, and all parents, take volunteer roles in our program for children and youth at some time.  We find the practice of teaching, in and of itself, to be a valued experience of spiritual, intellectual and social growth in our community.  Teaching Religious Education is a path to learning and to deepening not only one’s own religious understanding, but to establishing relationships in our congregational community across ages, generations and social groups.

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