Grade 6 – Ages 11-12

Grade 6 – Ages 11-12


NOTE: This class has been combined with 7th grade World Religions for 2017-2018 church year.

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Compass Points (formerly Riddle & Mystery)

Grade 6 – Ages 11-12*


Compass Points is a curriculum which guides adolescents on a yearlong spiritual journey with opportunities to explore their identities, their beliefs, their Unitarian Universalist faith, their relationships with others and their connections to the world.

The Goals of Compass Points are:

  • To help participants sort out their feelings about themselves and their world as they do the difficult work of starting to create their adult selves
  • To help them discover what they believe about life’s big questions — the nature of humanity and the divine, beliefs about life, death and faith
  • To help youth think independently, assume responsibility, make decisions, explore values and adopt the practice of radical hospitality
  • To guide participants in acquiring enough background in Unitarian Universalist history, polity and theology that they can know and express what it means to be a Unitarian Universalists
  • To help them understand that religious liberty is a hard-won legacy that continues to need protection

* Age in September is preferred placement. For any exceptions please contact the Director of Religious Education.


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