Reconvening the Committee on Ministry

Reconvening the Committee on Ministry

After several years’ hiatus during which some of its purposes were being fulfilled by the Board of Trustees, we are reconvening a Committee on Ministry (COM)—as articulated by the UUCC bylaws—to examine, evaluate, and support the ministries of the congregation.

The COM will meet regularly with Paige to reflect on what is happening in the congregation; to be a sounding board for addressing challenges; and to support the overall health of UUCC, its Minister, and its ministries. (We understand that the clergy—the capital-M Minister—isn’t the only one serving the ministries of the congregation. The Minister offers unique, professional ministry to the people we serve. But also, the Food Insecurity Team is a ministry, and Religious Education is a ministry, and Karuna is a ministry, and Choir is a ministry, etc.)

Members of the COM are appointed by the Board of Trustees in consultation with the Minister and should demonstrate an understanding of the breadth and depth of shared ministry in a large congregation.

If you would like to be considered for appointment to the Committee on Ministry, please send email to us at by Wednesday, May 5.

—Rev. Paige Getty & the Board of Trustees


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