Recording & Transcript of August 10 Congregational Conversation

Recording & Transcript of August 10 Congregational Conversation

Now available: A recording (2 hours) and a printed transcript (28 pages) of the Congregational Conversation that was held on Saturday, August 10. You may borrow an audio CD by visiting the UUCC office between 10am and 4pm, Monday through Friday, or on a Sunday morning. Please sign out a copy and return it as soon as you’re finished listening, preferably within two days. To receive a PDF of the transcript, request a copy from Hannah Nelson, Office Assistant (


  1. Jim Alvey

    As I said at the meeting, I joined this congregation to be challenged. Every week Paige and Anthony do just that. It’s not always comfortable. But I know that if I open my mind up to things I never knew I should think about, I’m a better person for having done so. I believe that in this situation it would be best if we all looked at it as a learning opportunity. I learned from many of the speakers on Saturday about opposing perspectives. Being “liberal” and being a Unitarian Universalist includes opening our minds and hearts to everyone’s ideas and perspectives. I’m grateful for the opportunity to discuss this issue openly and honestly.

  2. ann wing

    I agree Jim.
    I see this as a time for growth. For listening to each other consciously with open hearts. For looking for things that bring us together, that we have in common, and then figuring out how best we can learn from each others perspectives. I do not believe that anyone has acted intentionally to hurt another but also see how words used in emotional moments have done so. If we can begin now to look at each other as having worth and dignity, to use compassion in our relations, and to encourage each other to grow, we can emerge as a stronger community. It will be a challenge for me to listen without being defensive but the only way I can learn is by doing so.

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