Announcing UUCC’s Regathering Task Force

Announcing UUCC’s Regathering Task Force

UUCC has recently convened a Regathering Task Force, which will serve as an advisory body to begin planning for (eventually) gradually resuming in-person congregational activities in phases. The task force will be working to draft a plan that articulates when UUCC will resume in-person gatherings (based on metrics and other criteria) as well as what procedures and protocols will be in place for these gatherings. As a first step, there will be a brief congregational survey to collect members’ thoughts and desires as we make this transition. Please look out for that and share your ideas and concerns!

The members of the Regathering Task Force are:

  • Jodi Brown
  • Liam Estell
  • Jen Hayashi
  • Heidi Schweingruber 
  • Lindsay Thompson
  • Cindi Wood
  • Sean Griffin, Executive Director (Executive Team)
  • Paige Getty, Minister (Executive Team) 

All members can be reached by emailing


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