Wondering how to get to know more people at UUCC? Registration open for Reflection Groups!

Wondering how to get to know more people at UUCC? Registration open for Reflection Groups!

Have you been wondering how to meet more folks at UUCC? Do you have a burning desire to make friends who understand you and whom you understand deeply? Need someone(s) to help you make sense of the world? We have just the thing….

Registration is open for Reflection Groups. Considering joining a group! Each group is listed with all their dates (Reflection Groups meet once per month), and you register for the group that meets your availability. Once the groups are full, you can register for the waiting list, and if/when a spot opens, we’ll let you know.

Here’s the link to the Reflection Groups page: https://uucolumbia.net/programs/small-group-ministry/

Here are links to each individual group. Click the link to see the specific dates!

Before signing up, please consider that you are making a commitment to your group to be in attendance for each session!

Click here to register for Mondays at 2 pm.

Click here to register for Tuesdays at 7 pm.

Click here to register for Wednesdays at 7 pm.

Click here  to register for Thursdays at 2 pm (women only).

Click here to sign up for the Reflection Group waiting list if your desired group is full.

Wondering what Reflection Groups are all about? Read on:

Known in Unitarian Universalist circles by many names (such as Covenant Groups or Chalice Circles), small group ministry has been expanding throughout our denomination for the last decade.

Reflection Groups will further explore our monthly worship themes at UUCC in an intentional way: to listen to each other deeply and with discipline.  We will experience the themes, not just analyze them, and offer suggestions for a spiritual practice to try before each monthly meeting. Grow your faith intentionally and develop meaningful relationships with others at UUCC through our small group ministry.


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