Religious Education at UUCC for PreK through Grade 9

Religious Education at UUCC for PreK through Grade 9

Dear Parents, Children, and Youth of UUCC,

Yellow envelopes are speeding their way to you this week, with information about how religious education will work this year, and a month to sample what we’ll be providing. We’ve sent envelopes to everyone from PreK through Grade 9. If you don’t receive yours, please first check your address on Realm to make sure it’s ok, and then make sure your children are registered – here’s the link: You can also sign up for emails for your children for each class.

Kelli and I are excited about what we are designing for religious education at our beloved community: the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia. We miss seeing all your beautiful faces very much!

Because you will be spending so much time on the computer already, for virtual school this year, we wanted to design a program that would be family based, that wouldn’t require MORE time on zoom, and would allow the entire family to participate. We’re test driving our ideas for September with the bright yellow packet on its way to you, and we hope that you will let us know how you enjoy this way of doing religious education and faith development for the whole family.

Families with children in PreK through Grade 5 will be automatically signed up to continue receiving monthly packets. Families who have children in middle school and above can subscribe to the packets by sending Robin an email at

What will you find in this packet?

  1. A monthly chalice lighting – we hope you will light your family chalice each day and use the chalice lighting words for the month.
  2. A calendar of daily discussion questions based on our monthly theme. In September, we’ll be talking about Renewal. Each week has a theme, too. Use the discussion questions at a family meal, after you light your chalice.
  3. A sample index card – we’re encouraging each family to pick up index cards (or cut card stock or plain paper to index card size) and use one a day to draw or write your responses to the daily question.
  4. Some coloring sheets and stickers, just for fun because we miss you and your creative abilities! Have fun with the supplies!
  5. Your backpack blessing for this year, for students attending virtually or in person.

We will also offer a weekly Family Chapel on the theme of the week. You can attend live via zoom on Tuesdays at 4:30, starting September 8th. If that time doesn’t work for you, watch the recorded version at a time that’s convenient for your family! The link will be sent out via email each week.

This year, middle school students in sixth and seventh grade will have an option of attending a zoom class once a month, plus a bulletin board set up to chat during the rest of the month. We will start the year with a book called This Book Is Antiracist by Tiffany Jewell. More information will arrive soon via email, class will start in October. Or, just choose to use the monthly mailing and have conversations with your family each evening.

Because Our Whole Lives is not appropriate to teach in a virtual class, this year eighth and ninth graders will be in Quest together. Our Quest class is a coming of age program that we are in the process of rewriting, along with religious educators and advisors across the nation, to be more appropriate for a virtual community. Quest guides our young people to better articulate their own beliefs and values and to better understand our Unitarian Universalist faith. Participation in Quest leads young people to recognize their own growth and change, affirming their individual identities. Quest class will start in October, watch for more information soon via email.

If you have questions, please email Robin Slaw, Director of Religious Education, at
Yours in faith,
Robin & Kelli


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