Religious Education Return on Investment

Religious Education Return on Investment

My People,

It’s unity! Exactly. Our youth nailed it last Sunday. They put (eloquent) words to nebulous notions I had been holding for who knows how long – that diversity is intrinsically valuable, but unity among diverse people is the higher order. Thank you for that bit of religious education, YRUU.

But wait, there’s more.

After the service, I met my 6-year-old mystery buddy at our pizza luncheon. Thank you for arranging this, RE staff! I don’t know who matched us kangaroos, but well done! She’s amazing. I learned myriad things from her in our first 90 minutes together. Who knew I had green eyes with yellow rings like pretty marbles? Who knew her daddy is always with her because she has his eyes?

In my experience, religious education is like that. It happens organically. Moments of enlightenment bubble to the surface from time to time. But I am also aware that it can be cultivated, induced. And for me that often happens with you, my fellow members, on Sundays at UUCC.

It takes balance to form concepts such as the value of unity among diverse peoples. And balance requires a center point (thank you, Anthony). Center points don’t just happen. UUCC’s RE program is a center point for our youth. That center point has been underpinned and bolstered by countless volunteers and a talented paid staff. People who missed services while they were teaching. People who gave money. People who put their professional skills to great purpose. People who welcomed children into the fold, even when they were disruptive. We gave them a center point that fostered balance (and perspective) in their lives within and outside our walls – in church and schools and sports and family and relationships and politics.

And then, they enlightened us. That’s a nice ROI from my perspective!

-Frank Hazzard
UUCC President


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