REPLAY ▶️ available for the 9 Enabling Actions Zoom

REPLAY ▶️ available for the 9 Enabling Actions Zoom

If you want to know more about any of UUCC’s 9 new “Enabling Actions”, you’re in luck  ☘️. 

The 9/18 session where each group explained their action in 2 minutes or less was recorded, and can be viewed here (it’s less than a half hour!)

The nine teams are:

  • Monthly Joyful Gatherings
  • Connect (with) Others & Recognize Engagement
  • Increasing Diversity in UUCC
  • Building a Community of Culturally Competent Communicators
  • Conflict Management Framework
  • Improved Congregational Engagement in Congregational Governance
  • Communications & Social Media
  • Mission, Vision & Covenant
  • Covenant of Right Relations

Questions or suggestions?  Feel free to connect with UUCC Member Ken Crandell,, or any of the presenters.


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