Reversing Global Warming: An Introduction to “Drawdown”

Reversing Global Warming: An Introduction to “Drawdown”

Zoom Meeting on Saturday, May 30, 10 – 12 pm. Registration required.

If you were unable to attend this introductory session to Drawdown in our building last fall, or you want to refresh your memory, please consider participating in our upcoming Zoom meeting.

Project Drawdown is a coalition of more than 200 researchers and other experts from 22 countries led by author, environmentalist, and entrepreneur Paul Hawken. Over the course of 5 years of rigorous scientific research, they identified and modeled the 100 most substantive, already-existing solutions for addressing global warming and revealed astounding news: that it is possible not just to slow global warming, but to actually reverse it by 2050.

Join the City of College Park Committee for a Better Environment for this virtual two-hour workshop, on May 30 from 10 – 12 pm. The workshop material is provided by the Pachamama Alliance and includes video clips of Paul Hawken.

Registration is required and attendance is limited; the workshop starts promptly at 10 am. Register here:

For more information, contact: Todd Larsen, Chair of the College Park Committee for a Better Environment,


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