The Unitarian Universalist Association, the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee and the Unitarian Universalist College of Social Justice have joined with the New Sanctuary Movement urging UU Congregations to declare themselves Sanctuaries to host undocumented immigrants who are in the process of deportation and in many cases while their cases move through government agency and court proceedings. Sanctuary has many components and there are many issues, including legal and logistical, surrounding it. Currently over 800 congregations of different faith traditions as well as 44 UU Congregations have declared themselves Sanctuaries, including All Souls UU in D.C.

During spring 2017, UUCC discussed whether it should declare itself a Sanctuary Congregation. Weekly conversations were held in our Chapel between services on Sundays, LINK articles were posted weekly about what it means to be a Sanctuary and an immigration attorney spoke with us, all in preparation for a congregational vote at our annual meeting on June 4, 2017. At this meeting UUCC members voted to declare UUCC a sanctuary support congregation that provides volunteers and material and financial support to a hosting site, while continuing our advocacy and witness program.

Sanctuary FAQs For Annual Meeting

Please click on the below to read some of our previously posted LINK articles:

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