Episode 26: Colette Gelwicks signs on as Congregational President

Episode 26: Colette Gelwicks signs on as Congregational President

Welcome to Season 2 of Rooted & Reaching! We hope that you all found some combination of rest and peace and joy this summer and we’re glad to be back for some new conversations this fall! To kick off the new season, Sara chats with Colette Gelwicks, this year’s Congregational President. Listen in for a conversation on leadership styles: how there is no one style that works best, how collective effort is ultimately more important than individual effort, and how we might challenge ourselves to stay open to shifting our ways of thinking about how leadership looks and feels.

Colette also tells us what the Board is up to so far coming out of this summer’s Board Retreat, and about how moving back and forth between the U.S. and Germany has taught her to be flexible and open in life, even when it’s difficult. 

Interested in the current work of the Board? Stay up-to-date by checking out our Good Governance posts: https://uucolumbia.net/category/governance/ 

Referenced in this episode:
This summer the Board drafted and adopted a new covenant. Check it out: https://uucolumbia.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/UUCC-Board-Covenant.pdf


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