Being Human Together

Being Human Together

In our ongoing exploration of how UUCC is a place where we practice being human together—and in anticipation of our congregation-wide Group Relations Workshop, May 21-22 — Rev. Paige Getty and others will consider the tension between rights and needs of an individual and the health and well-being of a congregation.

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Opening Words —
“The Change” by Mathew P. Taylor (BLUU Notes, pp. 34-35)

I can feel the change coming
Like growing pains
I feel the change in my bones
Pulling me
Stretching me
Forming me
Into the true I am
Can you feel it?

The change in our bodies
As we adapt
The weight shifting and molding to fit
This evolving body that we are in
Guided by faith that this too will pass
We can survive this because our ancestors survived
Can you feel them in your DNA?

You, a mixture of their particles that was molded to fit your spirit
Change and shift
Mold and grow
Yet in some ways
we stay the same

Closing Words —
closing lines of “Beloved Space” by Jan Carpenter Tucker (BLUU Notes, pp. 32-33)

If love holds power
How much will it take to
Be love, breathe love, be loved, Beloveds
In this Beloved Space?

The end of iChurch (UUWorld essay)
by Rev. Fredric Muir
Winter 2012 (1/7/2013) 

The power of we (UUWorld editorial, which references the 2013 essay)
by Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, UUA President
Spring 2019 (3/1/2019) 


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