Celebrating Blessings

Celebrating Blessings

At a time when so much seems broken and in need of healing, today we choose to celebrate blessings. As the Soul Matters team reminds us, “For us [UUs], blessings are not so much about giving something to each other as they are about helping each other notice all that’s already been given.”

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Call to Worship —
“Let love be messy”, by Rev. M Barclay

Love isn’t just one thing;
it’s fierce and soft,
intimate and collective,
wild and sincere and deliberate and just.
Love can be more chaos than order.
Love can be a boundary.
Love can be conflict.
It’s complicated.
It’s multifaceted.
Love is hard work.
Love is natural.
Love is a process and practice.
Though its paths are many and varied,
love always leads to life.
Love is an ever-unfolding thing
we are all still figuring out.

Chalice Lighting —
“Blessed Are the Queer” by HP Rivers

Blessed are the wanderers,
Seeking affirmation.
Blessed are the worshipers,
Praying from closets,
Pulpits, pews, and hardship.
Blessed are the lovers of leaving –
Leaving family and familiarity,
Leaving tables
Where love is not being served.
Blessed are those who stay.
Blessed are those
Who hunger and thirst for justice –
For they will be satisfied.
Blessed are the queer
Disciples of Truth,
Living, breathing, sacred
Reflections of
Divine Love. 

Reading —
adapted from “Blessed are” by Rev. Anna Blaedel, Theologian In Residence at enfleshed

 Benediction —
“Rainbow Blessing” by Cricket Hall (excerpt)

May the drag stage rise to meet you
May the world rise to accept and embrace you
May the rainbow of love enfold you
May your fluidity never be hindered


May you remember sensitivity is not weakness,
but instead a great strength welling up inside you.
And until we meet again,
may you remember that you are loved and
you are divine.


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