Our Immigrant Neighbors

Our Immigrant Neighbors

Often in conversation about immigrants and refugees, we place distance between “them” and “us,” while truly “we” live together here in suburban Maryland. In this service, we will hear personal stories from several recent immigrants to the United States who are making lives for themselves right here in Howard County.

Order of Service


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Centering Thought —
closing line(s) from “A Building Away” by Denise Bergman

 Call to Worship —
words of Marta I. Valentín from Lifting Our Voices: Readings in the Living Tradition (#161)

We come together today
to honor the universal community of seekers to which we all belong.
We gather together today to share from our deepest place of safety
that we might nurture ourselves by celebrating one another.
We call into our presence this hour our ancestors
whose love, labor, and commitment
made it possible for us to be here now.
Let us call one another to the table of abundance
that we may feed on those fruits
that sustain us and ever ask us to grow.
Let us open this moment
with hearts that have no borders. 

Chalice Lighting —
“Set the Garden on Fire” by Chen Chen

Benediction —
words of Simon Ortiz from Lifting Our Voices: Readings in the Living Tradition (#148)

That dream
shall have a name
after all,
and it will not be vengeful
but wealthy with love
and compassion
and knowledge.
And it will rise
in this heart
which is our America.


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