Pride and Prejudice


  1. Carol Zika

    Excellent service. I miss being able to see the second page of the OoS, wanting to have the musicians and speakers identified.

    • Haley RHa Besner

      You can download the complete OoS by tapping on the portion you see. I too loved catching this wonderful service via audio and like you wanted to see who everyone involved was.

    • Hannah Nelson

      Hi Carol, you can see all of the pages to the OOS! You just have to click on the picture of the front page and it will open a PDF with the full Order of Service.

  2. Ariel Vitali

    I’m glad that I can at least listen to the recording of this powerful service. (I was helping out downstairs in “Hogwarts” for RE, so there ya go.)

    See you all soon.

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