Summertime Sundays — “The Speed of Justice” with Rev. Rob Keithan

Summertime Sundays — “The Speed of Justice” with Rev. Rob Keithan

For the month of July, UUCC will join other congregations in the DC metro area in a UU July Worship Series: Preaching Along the Potomac. Gather at the Owen Brown Interfaith Center at 10am on Sunday mornings, as usual, for coffee and donutsgroup activities for all ages, and time for connecting with one another in Sanctuary B or on the patio. Worship will begin at 10:30am.

☀️ View the schedule for Summertime Sundays here.

Service Description — July 3

Join Rev. Rob Keithan, from All Souls Church Unitarian in DC for a service entitled, “The Speed of Justice.” There’s so much suffering and injustice in our world that urgent action is desperately necessary. At the same time, moving too fast makes it more likely that we’re unconsciously replicating some of the oppressive patterns that we’re trying to stop. How can we ensure that our work isn’t just transactional, but truly transformational?


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