Sharing Our Joys & Sorrows in Worship

Sharing Our Joys & Sorrows in Worship

Beginning this Sunday, April 28, there will be a Joys & Sorrows book on a lectern outside of Sanctuary C (or in the office during the week). You are invited to write in this book any joy or sorrow that you’d like for a minister (or other worship leader) to speak on your behalf during that morning’s service(s). During the sharing time, individuals will be invited to identify themselves by standing or raising their hands when their statement is shared. And if you won’t be present on a particular Sunday but have something to be shared, then stop by the office during the week or contact a member of the staff by phone or email, and we’ll write in the book for you.

I continue to feel profoundly grateful for the thoughtful ways that so many of you have been participating in this time of discernment about how best to share significant happenings in our personal lives. Using a book is just one idea that was offered (by several of you, either on the Joys & Sorrows — New Ideas post or elsewhere), and I’m hopeful that it will meet the needs of many in our community. Still, we all should continue to remain open to how our sharing will evolve.

In community,

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  1. Alice Pham

    This would never feel like an experience of sharing in any way. I would not feel like sharing something personal in such an impersonal way.

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