Sunday Morning RE — Sharing our Resources

Sunday Morning RE — Sharing our Resources

Last Sunday morning in RE, we took some time to talk about the importance of sharing our resources with those among us in need. During our conversation, it was clear that our kids are knowledgeable about the needs that exist and passionate about helping others.

We then took our conversation to the next level by conducting a little experiment. Each child was given some marshmallows and pasta. Their goal was to build the tallest structure possible with the materials they were given. The catch was that some of them were allowed to ask for additional supplies while others had to make do with only what they were given. It inspired conversation about equity and about the extra burden placed on those who had less. At the end of class, everyone was rewarded with a marshmallow as a treat.

Special thanks to RE volunteer Kristin Parrish who provided support and took the used pasta and marshmallows to her compost bin. 

With Gratitude,
Kelli Danaker


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