Sign Up For War WV Service Trip!

Sign Up For War WV Service Trip!

Dear Quest and YRUU families –

It’s Officially That Time! From July 28 through August 3, UUCC will be taking a group to War, West Virginia to live in, meet with, and help out the community in War and surrounding McDowell County, WV. We work with Big Creek People in Action, an organization founded by community members themselves to start offering services badly needed in this profoundly impoverished county. In the past, we have painted houses, built decks, repaired and installed roofs, ripped out floors, carpeting, and bathrooms. We also take meals together, hike around the lake, hear stories, listen to music, and live in community. It’s a wonderful opportunity, open to any UUCC youth who has finished 9th grade (or homeschool equivalent) up through high school. We’re also open to alumni attending – let me know if an older sibling is interested!

We have a Google form where you can indicate your interest, available here. 

Please use the same form for a student OR a parent who is interested in chaperoning. We need usually a minimum of four adults on this trip – three in addition to myself (Jen!). If you have any questions, please feel free to email me – or just ask me some Sunday! Extra bonus special awesomeness to you if you have a van or minivan or truck you can bring on the trip!

As to costs: Big Creek People in Action charges us $250 per person who stays in their dormitory (a converted high school). $125 of this goes to cover room; the other $125 goes toward the materials that BCPIA will use for the projects we work on: shingles, lumber, drywall, paint, etc. We ask for the $250 up front, and pay BCPIA with those funds. We then track all transportation costs (gas) and food, total up the receipts, and send a total due on actuals after the trip. Typically in past years this cost has ranged between $130 and $170 additional per student.

Again, just let me know if you have questions. But please indicate your interest no later than MAY 21. That is one week before Memorial Day. I will hold an orientation meeting at the beginning of June when we will distribute permission slips, etc.

Thank you!


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