Spirit Play needs parents February 10th!

Spirit Play needs parents February 10th!

Dear Parents,

This Sunday, February 10th, the Spirit Play kids will be packing bags of food for 20 families at the Cradlerock Elementary School who are food insecure. If you haven’t participated before, that means the children will be sorting and counting food, then packing bags according to how many children each family has. Because lots of reading and counting are involved, we ask Spirit Play parents to help us.

Please plan to join us, one parent from each Spirit Play family, for class this week. The children do the work, the parents supervise, read (if necessary), re-count, and help carry heavy stuff (if necessary). And do the reaching from high up shelves! As we do every week, children start in the sanctuary; join us when children are sung to class.

See you Sunday!


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