Spirit Play Take It Home for Oct 14

Spirit Play Take It Home for Oct 14

Dear Parents,

This past Sunday, the Spirit Play class spent some time learning about how UUCC is a Sanctuary. They learned this story, and thought about these wondering questions. Have you engaged in wondering about these questions with your children?

Our lesson today is about our Unitarian Universalist faith, not just our church, but all the Unitarian Universalist churches all over the country and the world.

You know, when you build a house you need many parts to help the building stand strong and be a comforting place. Our Unitarian Universalist church is like a house.

At the base, the foundation, we believe that human life is sacred so we promise to respect all people.  We believe that each person is special and important.

The walls are the promises we make to each other to make sure that we get along and do what’s right.  These promises help to hold us together as a community in good times and bad.

Under this roof there is room for everyone because we are connected to all people and interdependent with them.   We promise to learn about and accept ourselves, others, and the Mystery which inspires us to do good work.

Our windows and doors are open to all people.  We make space for many ideas about the Mystery and we celebrate the many ways that people think and live and work together.

We promise to work together to make this world a better and more beautiful place with peace, fairness, and freedom for everyone.  We want to create a heaven here on earth where all have what they need to grow and to prosper.

Wondering Questions:

  • I wonder if your house is the same or different from this Unitarian Universalist one?
  • I wonder which part of the house you like the best?
  • I wonder how it feels to be special?
  • I wonder if it’s easy or hard to include everyone in what we do?
  • I wonder how you feel about the Spirit of Love and Mystery that some people call God?
  • I wonder if you know people who think differently than you do about the Mystery?
  • I wonder if you have ever made the world a better place?
  • I wonder what you could do to make the world better?
  • I wonder if you like our Unitarian Universalist house?


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