Spring 2022: Young Adult Reflection & Discussion Series

Spring 2022: Young Adult Reflection & Discussion Series

UU Wellspring
Young Adult Reflection & Discussion Series

Topic: The Six Sources of Unitarian Universalism

Most of us come from different faith backgrounds. We identify as seekers and learners, and we recognize that we are on our own unique spiritual journeys as we freely and responsibly search for truth and meaning. We hunger to be in community with others as we travel our own journeys; that desire for open and supportive spiritual community is what brings us to Unitarian Universalism. 

As Unitarian Universalists, we understand that what may be a source of truth and meaning to you, may not be meaningful to me. Some of us might find truth and meaning in Christian teachings, while for others, traditional religions don’t resonate at all. Some of us find deep meaning in nature. The Six Sources of Unitarian Universalism outlines the diverse sources of truth and meaning that our community affirms. 

Young Adults at UUCC are invited to join an 8-part UU Wellspring reflection & discussion series built around the Six Sources of Unitarian Universalism. In our time together, we’ll reflect on and share about our own experiences with each of the sources. We’ll listen to each other, try on spiritual practices for grounding and connection, and help each other make sense of the sources of our own spiritualities. 

We are meeting the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month, starting on Tuesday, January 25, 2022. 

  • Session 1: January 25 — Opening
  • Session 2: February 8 — Direct Experience of Wonder
  • Session 3: February 22 — Challenging Words & Deeds
  • Session 4: March 8 — Take off Your Shoes: Appropriation or Inspiration?
  • Session 5: March 22 — Love Your Neighbors
  • Session 6: April 12 — Humanism & Tolerance
  • Session 7: April 26 — The Sacred Circle of Life
  • Session 8: May 10 — Closing

Each session will be led by Valerie Hsu, Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry, and Robin Slaw, Director of Religious Education. 

Please email Valerie (valerie [at] uucolumbia.net) if you have questions or would like to participate in this 8-part discussion series. Valerie will discuss logistics and other details with you when you contact her about your interest.


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