April 14, 2017

It’s great to be spending more time outside now. I’m planning what flowers to plant in the many pots in our backyard and I’m watching the birds carry twigs and treasures to build their nests. I’m also enjoying the sounds of dawn and the early morning light.

I pulled the book Celebrating Easter and Spring-An Anthology of Unitarian and Universalist Readings off my shelf yesterday. This great book is compiled by Carl Seaburg and Mark Harris and is full of wonderful spring and Easter readings and poems.

I bet I picked out ten poems I wanted to share with you, but this one by Richard Gilbert is the winner for today. Enjoy and Happy Spring, Easter and Passover to all.

 Spring Housecleaning of the Spirit

Julian Huxley, the great humanist, once wrote: “It is of the greatest importance that humanity now and then should take out its beliefs for spring cleaning.” Perhaps the same is also true for the human spirit.

In the holy quiet of this promising hour of spring,
May we purge ourselves of the coldness of spirit that warm spring breezes may thaw our souls;
May the debris of wrongs unforgiven be gathered and discarded so we can start anew;
May the slowness of spirit, frozen by cold, be quickened to every fresh possibility;
May the song that has lingered too long in our lungs be inspired by twittering bird choruses;
May the grime of mistakes made be rinsed from our minds with the springtime waters of self-forgiveness;
May the dust of the exhausting journey be wiped from the furniture of our lives so that it gleams again;
May we muster the strength to do our own housekeeping of the spirit.

 I hope to see you Sunday!

In faith,
Kären  icon-fire 


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