Staying in Touch Team Update: Small Gestures

Staying in Touch Team Update: Small Gestures

UUCC’s Staying in Touch Team has started meeting again, and a new idea to help keep UUCCers connected has developed that we hope will start to organically take off (with some help from you, we hope!)

Here’s our “Small Gestures” suggestion:

In these times of COVID and physical distancing, it’s easy to feel isolated. We need to be intentional about staying connected. And small gestures go a long way.

We invite you to reach out to someone you haven’t seen or heard from in a while and connect by making a small gesture to lift their spirits. You’ll make their day, week, or even year. And likely come away from it feeling your own spirit lifted as well.

Some possible small gestures:

Handwrite a card, sing them a song, send a small gift, unearth an old photo and share it, drop a flower from your garden at their doorstep, send them an instant message or post on their Facebook page, thank them for a good deed, deliver lunch, gift them something you’ve crafted, leave them a book you’ve loved and think they will too, or simply phone them. It is truly the thought that counts.

And if someone gives you a no-so-random act of kindness, please “thank it forward”! 

Don’t stress yourselves out overdoing this. But at your own pace, our suggestion is to reach out to someone and in-gather them back to your life.

Thank you for helping us all stay connected and feel held during this hard time.

– UUCC’s Staying in Touch Team
(Ken Crandell, Laurie Coltri, Kim Estell, Lindsay Thompson, Ross Martin, and Sara Davidson)


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