Staying in Touch Team Update

Staying in Touch Team Update

If you haven’t heard from the Staying in Touch Team yet, and would like to, (or if you heard from us and are ready to connect again) please let us know:

Although we’ve spoken with 480 people, we still haven’t gotten a call back from 80 of you.  If you are one of the 80, please let us know as we believe we’ve left a message for everyone, and don’t want anyone to be left out or feel slighted through these efforts.

We also welcome feedback from you all, as we look to fine tune and improve our process. Please let us know if you’ve had a particularly touching experience with your volunteer caller, or if you have some constructive criticism to share.  Thank you!

Thank you for helping us stay connected,

UUCC’s Staying in Touch Team
Laurie Coltri, Ken Crandell, Kim Estell, Ross Martin, Lindsay Thompson & Sara Davidson


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