A message from our newly-formed Staying-in-Touch team:

An ad hoc group met by Zoom on Friday to brainstorm ways to keep us connected and responsive to each other’s needs during this time.

We know that support will look different for different people, so we’ll be reaching out soon to understand what support would be most helpful to you, the members of the congregation. We don’t want anyone to “fall through the cracks” because of physical distancing.

In the first phase, we’ll need volunteers to make phone calls from the safety of our own homes. After this round of contacts, we expect to identify the need for all sorts of volunteers – from typical Caring Committee roles, such as delivering groceries and driving folks to doctors appointments, to support roles we haven’t yet even identified.

If you would be willing to act as a volunteer to help us do this reaching-out and caring for others, or if you have any immediate needs or suggestions, please send your message to The message will go to the Staying-in-Touch team, which consists of Laurie Coltri, Ken Crandell, Kim Estell, Ross Martin, and Lindsay Thompson, as well as at least one staff member. Many hands make light work!


  1. Paula Linn

    The hyperlink on this page truncates the ‘t’ off of the “.net” when creating an email response from me.

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