Still Need Holiday Greens?

Still Need Holiday Greens?

Thanks to all you awesome UUCC members and friends who ordered a wreath to support this year’s Quest fundraiser!

We have to buy all greens in case quantities, which means we do have a few “leftovers” that are available. As of right now, we have the following items left: two (2) Wintergreen wreaths, four (4) Classic Sprays, four (4) Victorian Sprays, three (3) Wintergreen sprays, and two (2) Mini Christmas trees.

The wreaths are $30; Classic Spray is $20 and Victorian and Wintergreen sprays are $25; Mini Trees are $35.

Please contact Youth Director Jen Raffensperger if you are interested in one or more of these items!

AND, if your favorite isn’t listed here, it’s not too late to order directly online from Mickman Brothers! Please use our code UNIUNIMD001 when you order and you will still raise funds for UUCC’s youth!


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