Summer of Random Acts of Kindness

Summer of Random Acts of Kindness

Hello RE Families,

I’m back from a grueling week of work in Pennsylvania, as we began the process of emptying out my mom’s house. So many memories. So much stuff no one wants….

We’ve started our summer of random acts of kindness! Two Sundays ago, we read a book called Kindness is Cooler Mrs. Ruler by Margery Cuyler, about a class that learns about all the ways to bring more kindness to the world. We painted a big mural to hang above our Kindness Bulletin Boards, which will go up this week. We talked to the children who attended about what random acts of kindness are, and encouraged them to think about acts that they could commit during the week. We explained about the hearts bulletin board, where we will be hanging their hearts all summer (you can help by writing their acts on a heart each Sunday!) and challenged them to reach 100 hearts by the end of the summer.

This past Sunday, the children read Dogger, by Shirley Hughes, about a young boy who loses his favorite toy (Dogger) and how his sister helps him. They worked on kindness cards for their siblings and other family members. I’d love to hear about how they are using them this week, and don’t forget to document their random acts of kindness and write out a heart for them on Sunday! (Or send me an email and I’ll make the heart!)

This is the last update I’ll send through the regular RE LINK. The rest of the summer we’ll be sending updates home through the Summer RE Link. You can make sure to receive summer updates by registering for the summer here:



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