Sunday Announcements — July 21, 2024

Sunday Announcements — July 21, 2024

Each Sunday at the beginning of the worship service, we offer a limited number of announcements at the beginning of service important to the UUCC community.

this sunday’s announcements

Kelli Danaker, Director of Children & Families, will offer one live announcement about upcoming Our Whole Lives (OWL) Sexuality Education programming.


  1. Laurie Coltri

    I like having these announcements put into an email – it helps for folks who don’t make the Sunday service – and allows people to go back for additional information – days, times, rooms, etc. Thanks for doing this!!

  2. ASHLEY Brizzo

    Thanks Haley for the women’s retreat plug. I’m so excited that it’s coming up soon. Hope to see many other beloved there.

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